Hellagrolip SA joins Fertilizers Europe

04 August 2016

Hellagrolip SA is the leading commercial and industrial fertilizer company in Greece and has joined Fertilizers Europe as a full member in July 2016.


This company is the top producer of fertilizers in Greece and its name is directly linked to the success of Greek agriculture. Hellagrolip dedicates their work to producing high quality fertilizers that agree with the full range of demands of today's agriculture, both locally and through the world. The company recognizes that the future of agriculture lies in solutions in environmental sustainability and commit to responding to changes and challenges of our time for the improvement of future fertilizing products and farming techniques. Product and nutrient stewardship lie in the core of the European farming and Fertilizers Europe supports on all efforts in improving the quality of agriculture through employment of stewardship.


“We are delighted to become a full member of Fertilizers Europe to join the association of top fertilizer producers in Europe. Through our collaboration with the members of Fertilizers Europe, we look forward to becoming a driver in the European agriculture sector.” – Theodora Kouloura, Deputy Plant Director, Hellagrolip SA


We look forward to a long collaboration with Hellagrolip SA and wish to welcome our newest Greek member.