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The future of European agriculture is in the hands of a younger generation of farmers who embrace innovation and sustainability in their daily activities.

‘Applying more knowledge per hectare’ is the mantra of farming in Europe.  Innovative solutions, long-established knowledge, modern fertilizer products, real-time data and modern machinery have laid the groundwork for much more precise application of fertilizers leading to improved yields and lower environmental impact.

Through the development of innovative solutions and practical tools, European Fertilizer producers strive to empower farmers to produce more with less.

Precision agriculture is already present on arable, vegetable and dairy farms across Europe. The fertilizer industry delivers tools that range from GSM-based mobile applications and hand-held metering devices, to farm machinery equipped with satellite-produced biomass field maps. By deploying fertilizer industry’s solutions, farmers are already now improving the nutrient use efficiency, increasing yields and safeguarding the environment.

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across Europe.

The European fertilizer industry empowers younger generation of farmers to produce more with less.

Precision farming improves nutrient use efficiency and ensures high productivity.

Precision fertilization can contribute in ensuring high yields on limited surfaces, leaving more space for nature and biodiversity.

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Global Fertilizer Day


Global Fertilizer Day  is celebrated globally on 13 October to commemorate one of the greatest inventions of all time , the Haber-Bosch patent on synthesis of ammonia from air in 1908 which laid the foundation of the modern fertilizers industry and thanks to their invention billions of people were saved from famine.
Since those early days, the industry has become safer, cleaner and more efficient in meeting the needs of European agriculture. Global Fertilizer Day is supported by world’s fertilizer industry associations.
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