Cool Farm Tool

An online greenhouse gas, water, and biodiversity calculator for farming.

The Cool Farm Tool provides instant results and the ability to run ‘what-if’ scenarios.

Farmers can use this tool to explore green house gas(GHG) reduction pathways while buyers can use it to quantify and manage environmental impacts in global supply chains. It identifies hot spots and makes it easier for farmers to test alternative management scenarios and identify those that will have a positive impact on the total net GHGs.

Use of the Cool Farm Tool creates incentives towards climate-smart agriculture and supply chain efficiencies. The main crops for which the Cool Farm Tool has been used in 2018 are potatoes, maize, vegetables, coffee and winter wheat. The tool was developed by the Cool Farm Alliance which continuously works on further improvements. The Cool Farm Alliance comprises 58 members including food retailers, manufacturers, input suppliers, NGOs, universities and consultancies.

Fertilizers Europe is committed to contributing to this scaling up of CFT use by growers, supply chains and agri-businesses, not only in Europe but also in North America.