Ensuring a level playing field for fertilizer production, energy and carbon costs is our priority.
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Climate and Energy Policy Framework

The EU has decided to be at the forefront of the fight against climate change and is already taking strong action.
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Clean Planet for All

Europe’s ambition to be climate neutral by 2050 presents a serious challenge for energy-intensive industries.
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European fertilizer manufacturers operate in a global marketplace and advocate for fair and open trade.
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Industrial policy

EU mineral fertilizer industry calls on the EU to put industry on top of the agenda and to commit to new, ambitious industrial strategy for energy intensive industries.
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Energy cost

As the largest industry consumer of natural gas, the EU nitrogen industry’s competitiveness is mainly driven by affordable and fair gas price.
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Fertilizers Europe continue to argue for the ‘closest possible cooperation’ after BREXIT.
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Mineral fertilizers come under the scope of REACH, the EU’s instrument for managing the risks presented by chemical substances for human health and the environment.
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Directive 2010/75/EU of the European Parliament and the Council on industrial emissions (IED) is the main EU instrument regulating pollutant emissions from industrial installations.
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Fertilizing Products Regulation

Fertilizing Products Regulation

From summer 2022 onwards, fertilizer producers, traders and farmers will be confronted with the EU Fertilizing Products Regulation (FPR)...
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CAP post 2020

Future agricultural policy aims at encouraging the transition towards a more sustainable agriculture.
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Nitrogen Use (incl. EU NEP)

Nitrogen is essential for life and plays a key role in food production. Fertilizer industry actively promotes good practices to improve nitrogen use in food production.
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Farming & Air Quality

The agricultural sector is responsible for ammonia emissions impacting air quality. A series of best practices can be applied to curb emissions.
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Circular Economy Action Plan

The EU fertilizer industry is leading a way towards a fully circular economy.
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Micro plastics

By providing sound evidence and expertise advice to regulators, fertilizer sector seek new solutions in controlled released fertilizers.
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