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Recognizing the efforts of agri-food workers.

Each day, people in the food supply chain,  fertilizer producers, farmers, distributors, drivers, retailers they all play a vital role for sustaining lives on this planet.

During the lockdowns imposed in various countries to contain the outbreak of COVID-19, workers of the agri-food sector made a tremendous effort to secure food arrived on every table.

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About #FoodHeroes campaign

The agri-food value chain is a complex system of interrelated sectors comprising farms, agricultural inputs manufacturers, processing companies, packaging, transport, storage, distribution, wholesalers, markets and retailers. A disruption in any of these sectors, affects the whole system and food security. During the lockdowns imposed to contain Covid-19 in various countries, agri-food workers played a critical role in continuing  to make sure food is produced and arrives on every table. We want to celebrate their efforts of never ceasing to provide their service to society.

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Global Fertilizer Day

Celebrating the harvesting of nitrogen from air

Global Fertilizer Day  is celebrated globally on 13 October to commemorate one of the greatest inventions of all time , the Haber-Bosch patent on synthesis of ammonia from air in 1908 which laid the foundation of the modern fertilizers industry and thanks to their invention billions of people were saved from famine.
Since those early days, the industry has become safer, cleaner and more efficient in meeting the needs of European agriculture. Global Fertilizer Day is supported by world’s fertilizer industry associations.
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The role of fertilizers in food security and nutrition.

Fertilizers contribute to meet food needs by providing high quality nutrition that plants need for their growth and by increasing yield productivity. Mineral fertilizers provide the right mix of nutrients, fostering the development of the plant to its full potential and providing maximum nutritional value, helping farmers to grow high quality, nutritious food.

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