Global Fertilizer Day

Global Fertilizer Day is celebrated on 13 October to commemorate one of the greatest inventions, the harvesting of the nitrogen from air. Haber-Bosch patent on synthesis of ammonia from air in 1908 laid the foundation of the modern fertilizers industry and thanks to their invention billions of people were saved from famine. 

Global Fertilizer Day 2023 – From Soil to Plate

Each step we take drains our energy reserves. Our bodies rely on vital nutrients from the food we eat, and mineral nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are essential for our survival.

Plants need a balanced diet of different mineral elements, plus carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen to be healthy, which are provided by the soil. But every harvest depletes the soil of these essential mineral nutrients.

This is where fertilizers step in, playing a pivotal role in restoring the nutrient balance. They provide the necessary nutrients for plants to grow healthy, which in turn, become a vital source of sustenance for human life.

A nutrient-rich soil leads to rich harvests, which leads to nutritious meals that sustain human health. From small farms to large agricultural operations, fertilizers are helping to feed the world sustainably, improving soil, plant and human health on a global scale.

Global Fertilizer Day 2021 – #FarmLikeZ

The future of European agriculture is in the hands of a younger generation of farmers who embrace innovation and sustainability in their daily activities.

‘Applying more knowledge per hectare’ is the mantra of farming in Europe.  Innovative solutions, long-established knowledge, modern fertilizer products, real-time data and modern machinery have laid the groundwork for much more precise application of fertilizers leading to improved yields and lower environmental impact.

Through the development of innovative solutions and practical tools, European Fertilizer producers strive to empower farmers to produce more with less.

Global Fertilizer Day 2021

This year’s Global Fertilizer Day campaign has been rolled out under the umbrella of ‘Feeding Life’. The objective of the campaign was to demonstrate the essential role of the European fertilizer industry in feeding crops, farming, people, European economy and a sustainable future.

The Global Fertilizer Day was truly global with fertilizer community actively promoting the role of fertilizers in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Global Fertilizer Day 2022 – #ReFertilizeEU

The European fertilizer industry is crucial for food security, climate-neutral economy, sustainable farming, and EU autonomy. Essential in feeding 50% of the global population, it supports agricultural productivity and nutritious food supply. The industry invests in low-carbon technologies, aligning with the EU Green Deal and aiding Europe’s hydrogen economy. Working with farmers, it promotes sustainable agriculture using digital tools, nutrient management, and innovation, improving nutrient efficiency and yields, and minimizing environmental impact. Fertilizer by-products also play a significant role in food and health sectors.

Global Fertilizer Day 2020 – #FoodHeroes

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 20 brought food security back on the agenda. During the lockdowns imposed  in various countries, agri-food workers played a critical role in continuing  to make sure food is produced and arrives on every table. We dedicated them the #FoodHeroes campaign, paying tribute to their efforts of never ceasing to grow and provide nutritious and healthy food for all.