Global Fertilizer Day

Global Fertilizer Day  is celebrated on 13 October to commemorate one of the greatest inventions, the harvesting of the nitrogen from air. Haber-Bosch patent on synthesis of ammonia from air in 1908 laid the foundation of the modern fertilizers industry and thanks to their invention billions of people were saved from famine. 

Global Fertilizer Day 2020

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 20 brought food security back on the agenda. During the lockdowns imposed  in various countries, agri-food workers played a critical role in continuing  to make sure food is produced and arrives on every table. We dedicated them the #FoodHeroes campaign, paying tribute to their efforts of never ceasing to grow and provide nutritious and healthy food for all. 

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The campaign can be followed each year on social media following #FertilizerDay hashtag.