ReFertilize EU – Why we need a strong fertilizer industry in Europe



a vital industry for Europe. 


The European fertilizer industry has a fundamental role to play in ensuring food security, contributing to the development of a climate-neutral economy, advancing sustainable farming, and strengthening strategic autonomy in the EU.

Fertilizers for Food

Fertilizers feed 50% of the global population, contributing to food security in Europe and beyond. High quality fertilizers are  crucial to helping sustain agricultural productivity and provide healthy and nutritious food for all. 

Fertilizers for Climate

The European fertilizer industry is committed to contributing to the decarbonization ambitions in Europe. The industry is already investing in several low-carbon technologies and it is uniquely placed to contribute to the objectives of the EU Green Deal and the development of a hydrogen economy in Europe.

Fertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture

The European fertilizer industry works hand in hand with farmers to enhance a productive and sustainable agriculture in the EU and is doing so through the development of digital tools, nutrient management solutions, and innovative products. By deploying the fertilizer industry’s solutions, European farmers are already now improving nutrient use efficiency, increasing yields, and safeguarding the environment.

Fertilizers for Supply Chains

By-products from the production of fertilizers, are used as feedstocks in key sectors such as the food and health sector.