Agri-food chain coalition

The Agri-Food Chain Coalition (AFCC) is a joint initiative representing 12 leading industry associations across the agri-food chain, united in their call for sustainable, solution-orientated and innovative policies that benefit the EU and beyond.

Fertilizers Europe is part of the Agri-Food Chain Coalition (AFCC) formed by 12 leading agri-food sector associations in Europe with a vision to unlock the potential of agriculture and the food industry to addressing the dual challenge of climate change and a growing population while encouraging innovative solutions for a more sustainable agri-food system in Europe.

The Agri-Food Chain Coalition is united in their call for sustainable, solution orientated and innovative policy that benefits the EU citizens and economy. Members represent European farmers, cooperatives and companies from agriculture and livestock sector, farm equipment, plant and animal breeders, fertilizers, crop protection, animal health, feed and biotechnology-based products and, the agricultural trade.

Fertilizers Europe Director General, Jacob Hansen, was appointed as chair of the coalition for 2019 and will continue to lead this multi-stakeholder group to enhance EU policy-makers’ understanding of the important role of the agri-food sector in contributing to a sustainable EU.

In 2018, the coalition published, “How innovation contributes to the sustainable development goals”, which showcases the innovative steps that AFCC partners have taken to help addressing some of the key global challenges world face.

What is new from the coalition