Fertilizers Europe New Visual Identity

We asked our team to explain what our new brand represents. 
Listen to what they shared.

Fertilizers Europe has a new visual identity. 

The new visual identity aims to better represent what our industry is today, an innovative and forward-looking industry.

Since the early days, the EU fertilizer industry has always been striving in becoming more efficient in meeting the needs of European agriculture. The challenges of the industry have grown with time, and besides food security, our industry today is providing effective solutions to the most pressing challenges such as climate change and environmental issues.

The new identity is a natural consequence of the transformation that the association and the EU fertilizer industry have seen in the recent years and the need to efficiently communicate this new reality to our stakeholders

The visual identity is constructed around the shapes of the logo and the use of bright and fresh colours as well as a distinctive modern font.



The blue color and the hexagon shape represent technology, science, innovation, and Europe.


The green color, the plant and the fertilizer granule represent agriculture, sustainability, plant nutrition and low-carbon production.