STATEMENT – European Parliament stresses CE-Marking means quality

13 July 2017

Jacob Hansen (Director General of Fertilizers Europe) stated after the vote in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee of the European Parliament on 13 July 2017 the following: "I congratulate the Rapporteur Mrs. Ildikó Gáll-Pelcz (EPP, Hungary) for the strong backing of the Internal Market Committee (30 votes in favor, 3 against and 4 abstentions) on her report for a new Regulation for CE-marked fertilizing products. This report introduces major improvements to the structure of the Commission proposal. I especially applaud the fact that the IMCO Committee recognizes the need to ensure quality of CE-marked mineral fertilizers, as well as the circular nature of our sector. This is now a very good basis for future discussions between the EU institutions".

The IMCO report introduces a number of improvements in comparison with the Commission proposal for a Regulation on fertilizing products. The elements that will guarantee the high quality of mineral fertilizers are the introduction of solubility criteria for phosphate fertilizers, higher minimum nutrient levels, and a clear distinction between mineral fertilizers and other plant nutrition products. Thanks to today's great vote, European farmers will be able to count on effective and reliable mineral fertilizers to boost their yields and quality of crops.


Highly circular economy in the fertilizer industry

Certain materials coming from other industrial processes are today already being re-used and valorized as components of mineral fertilizers. This has been recognized by the IMCO Committee, which voted in favor of creating a new category in the Regulation in order to ensure that our industry can continue to play an instrumental role in the circular economy. In fact, the European fertilizer sector valorizes millions of tons of products, like for instance a co-product from the production of nylon (ammonium sulphate) or a by-product from the refining of petroleum products (sulphuric acid).

Fertilizers Europe counts on the Estonian Presidency of the Council to ensure that the EU countries will integrate the major changes voted in the Report of Mrs. Ildikó Gáll-Pelcz. Next October 2017, the European Parliament has to come back in Plenary to correct the vote of the Environment Committee and instead secure a balanced limit on cadmium in phosphate fertilizers in the EU internal market.

Let's hope that this well deserved summer break will lay the grounds for a sound decision!
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