Plenary vote on ETS IV strikes balance

15 February 2017

Fertilizers Europe welcomes the vote on ETS IV during the plenary session in Strasbourg on 15 February. We feel that the outcome of this vote strikes a fair balance and works in favor of the industry as a whole in Europe, preserving its quality and competitiveness.


Once again, we extend our gratitude to rapporteur Ian Duncan and all the committees involved for their diligent work throughout the process leading up to this vote. The ETS dossier is a complex one, and in order for it to work well, the main flaws must be addressed proposing concrete solutions and a fairer climate policy for the benefit of all industries.


"Fairness and balance in the report has always been a key driver. This process now continues on to the final trilogue discussions and we hope that key elements of the plenary vote remain. A proper and fair balance needs to be established with the specific characteristics of sectors and the appropriate safety guards retained." Jacob Hansen