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Infinite fertilizers guides the industry’s product and nutrient stewardship activities. Our vision of infinite fertilizers is based on our belief that the European fertilizer industry has the responsibility to ensure the safe and efficient production of our products and to promote best management practices for their utilisation to produce a varied range of healthy, high quality food for European consumers.

Product Stewardship and fertilizer production

The European fertilizer industry’s aspirations for efficient, safe and environmentally-friendly fertilizer production has led Fertilizers Europe to develop a product stewardship management program for fertilizers to maintain and consolidate the industry’s advanced production techniques and safety procedures across Europe.

Product stewardship for fertilizers covers the development of fertilizers, their raw materials and production processes, and how the resulting products are distributed, stored and used. The program ensures that the industry also works closely with its supply chain to oversee the transport, distribution and storage of fertilizers, and their secure handling on their way to Europe’s farmers.

The Fertilizers Europe Product Stewardship Program is compulsory for all Fertilizers Europe members and sets the highest global standards for this type of program. It addresses everyone involved in the product chain, including suppliers, contractors, distributors and customers, and actively promotes their participation.

Under the Product stewardship umbrella fertilizers Europe has also developed the Fertilizer Carbon Footprint Calculator which enables fertilizer producers to better measure and manage emissions of productions.

To know more about our activities on Product Stewardship and fertilizer Production visit the dedicated website.


Nutrient Stewardship and fertilizer application

The main thrust of the industry’s activities with farming communities across Europe has been to encourage the best agricultural practice by increasing farmers’ knowledge of the correct selection and use of our products and the adoption of the latest application technology.

Our basic rule of thumb to optimise yields and minimize environmental impact is the application of the right product, at the right place, at the right rate, at the right time.

Balanced fertilization programmes that offer a predictable supply of essential and other nutrients to meet changing crop requirements over their growth cycle ensure the most productive growth.

Under the Nutrient Stewardship umbrella Fertilizers Europe continuously develops and spreads practical guidelines for best practice in on-farm nutrient management that address the issues of productivity, energy efficiency, environmental impacts and the management of emissions.

Furthermore, the promotion of nutrient-use efficiency through the the European Nitrogen Expert Panel and the reduction of farm GHG through the Cool Farm Tool are two of the main initiatives of Fertilizers Europe in the field.

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