Workshop on Fertilizing Poduct Regulation Implementation Issues


 On the 4th of November, Fertilizers Europe organised a workshop on the implementation issues of the Fertilizing Products Regulation which saw the participation of representatives from the EU Commission, industry as well as potential Notified Bodies. The aim of the event was to provide a practical overview of the different tasks that manufacturers will have to implement in order to be ready for the application of the FPR in summer 2022.

Fertilizing products regulation, what will change in the future?

The adoption of the FPR is part of the Circular Economy Action Plan and the new legislative framework is designed to ensure

  • harmonised rules in placing the CE marked Fertilising Product on the market
  •  free movement of products in the single market

Manufacturers will have  to adapt their current practices to the new FPR requirements in terms of conformity assessment including assessment from a notified body, labels requirements, criteria on the agronomic efficiency , biodegradability criteria for controlled release fertilizers and timelines for compliance.