Decarbonising industry value chains. Hydrogen over ammonia to green agriculture products

Virtual Event

The event will take place during EU Industry Days and will gather representatives from the fertilizer and energy industries, end-customers, as well as EU and national policymakers to discuss how to build a business case for a net zero world.

Energy intensive industries such as fertilizer production face a tremendous challenge to decarbonise in line with Europe’s 2050 climate neutrality objective. Only a value chain approach - rather than working in traditional ‘silos’- will be able to identify and deliver the significant emission reductions needed.

The event aims to demonstrate how deployment and scaling up of most promising technologies on the supply side requires changes to incentives and consumption patterns on the demand side. The focus will be on green ammonia, which offers a unique path to decarbonising industry, agriculture but also shipping as a carrier of green hydrogen

During this session innovative, breakthrough projects with industrial symbiosis at their core will be showcased, illustrating value added for actors across the value chain as well as flagging the challenges faced by front runners and their needs to scale up.




Adam Guibourgé-Czetwertyński,

Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Climate and Environment, Poland

Massimiliano Giansanti



Tove Andersen


Vice-President Europe, Yara 

Raquel Blanco

Global Smart Mobility Director




Gwenole Cozigou

Director for Sustainable Industry & Mobility, DG GROW, European Commission 

Sonja van Renssen

Journalist, Managing Editor of Energy Monitor