Agriculture Committee

The mission of the Agriculture Committee is to assist the members by:

  • Developing tools to promote the role of fertilizers in European agriculture;
  • Anticipating and preparing for upcoming agricultural or environmental issues that may impact our industry;
  • Being the industry’s spokesperson and sounding board for agricultural or environmental issues;
  • Providing members with studies or statistical information.

The fields of activity of the Agriculture Committee are:

  • In agricultural matters:

    • Policy issues: the Common Agricultural Policy;
    • Market-related issues: fertilizer consumption forecast, factors linked to the EU enlargement;
    • Food-related issues: food safety and food quality;
    • Agriculture issues: producing energy;
    • Agronomical issues:

      • Product and nutrients: information and application;
      • Plant nutrition;
      • Farming practice

  • In health and environment issues:

    • Product safety: nitrate and cadmium;
    • Water and soil protection: the Water Framework Directive and the Thematic Strategy for Soil;
    • Air quality and climate change;
    • Biodiversity and habitat protection.


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