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Brussels, 21 November 2018: Fertilizers Europe released today its Vision report outlining the pathway for the evolution of the European fertilizer industry to 2030. The report aims at answering a key question - how to meet future food needs of a growing population in a more energy and environmentally efficient way, while at the same time contributing to tackling other societal challenges, i.e. meeting growing demand for clean energy and better use of resources.

The European Fertilizer Industry published a report Feeding Life 2030: The European Fertilizers Industry at the Crossroads between Nutrition and Energy, in which it rolled out a long-term vision for the industry.

Jacob Hansen, Director General of Fertilizers Europe said “In our Vision to 2030, fertilizer industry will be at the crossroads between nutrition and energy. Under the right legislative framework, the fertilizer industry could play a vital role in the context of the EU’s ambition to lead sustainable agricultural production and to maintain a strong industrial base while at the same time shifting towards decarbonised economy”.

The report sets a long-term vision of the industry focusing on both the use and production of fertilizers in Europe.

From the fertilizer use perspective, mineral fertilizers perform a fundamental role in a society, feeding almost 50% of the global population. While globally undernourishment remains a major issue, Europe’s efforts are increasingly focused on enhancing the sustainability of agricultural practices. ”Digitalisation of agriculture, new fertilizing products and better advice offers the prospect of meeting future food needs more sustainably. ‘Applying more knowledge per hectare’ is what will drive the improvements in the fertilizer industry and in the entire agricultural sector” said Hansen.

From the fertilizer production perspective, the nitrogen fertilizer industry as a producer of ammonia, has the potential to act as a carbon free energy carrier and thus should be regarded as a missing link in the EU’s efforts to decarbonise our economy.

Jacob Hansen concluded “Our Vision for the evolution of fertilizer industry is very ambitious. In order to deliver on its Vision, we call for a policy framework that supports farmers in optimising the use of fertilizers, as well as enables the industry to continue to excel in the production of fertilizers while retaining its international competitiveness”.

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Full report available on Fertilizers Europe website: