Fertilizers Europe “Carbon Footprint Calculator for fertilizer products” v2.0

Fertilizers Europe “Carbon Footprint Calculator for fertilizer products” v2.0

This Carbon Footprint Calculator can be used as a stand-alone module to calculate the GHG generated during the production of fertilizers. By selecting basic assumptions and filling in own values related to raw materials, transportation, energy, plant specifications and product specific data, the user calculates the total carbon footprint, expressed as ‘ton CO2-equivalents / ton product’. This estimate includes both direct and indirect emissions.


A detailed description of the Carbon Footprint Calculator for fertilizer products is accessible after logging in.


The Carbon Footprint Calculator for fertilizer products- module has been verified by a third party (Det Norske Veritas, DNV).


Access to the calculator


Only members of Fertilizers Europe or companies/public authorities authorised by Fertilizers Europe will have access to the calculator. Please contact Leondina Della Pietra if you wish to create an account.


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Rules on the use of the module “Carbon Footprint Calculator for fertilizer products” (CFC) 




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Input Data


Input data to be used in the calculator has to be verified by independent auditor, following auditing guidelines given in the Specification. The calculator can only be used on (verified) own company data and to compare company data with the built–in regional references.


Use for reporting/ legal requirement


Fertilizers Europe members may use the calculator for their legal reporting, for their sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports, and/or for food chain reporting. In case of legal reporting they should ensure that the calculator meets the legal reporting requirements in their own country.