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Circular Economy & Smart Farming: the fertilizer sector has a crucial role to play


The biannual Forum on Fertilizers and Nutrients for Growth, organized on 7 June 2017 by Fertilizers Europe, observed efforts in circular economy and...[more]

Vote in AGRI & ENVI Committees: One step forward, two steps back


Reaction of Fertilizers Europe after the votes on the Fertilizer Regulation in the Agriculture and Environment Committees of the European parliament...[more]

Allowance balance calculation in the EU ETS


ECOFYS study assessing the free allowance balance for various industrial sectors until 2030[more]

Future of CAP: maintain agricultural productivity


EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural development Phil Hogan recently launched a public consultation on modernizing and simplifying the Common...[more]

MEPs continue dialogue on the New Fertilizer Regulation


Collaboration is crucial for product quality and securing competitive production capacity of mineral fertilizers in Europe[more]

Plenary vote on ETS IV strikes balance


Fertilizers Europe welcomes the vote on ETS IV during the plenary session in Strasbourg on 15 February. We feel that the outcome of this vote strikes...[more]

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How To Fine-Tune Nitrogen Fertilizer Application for Corn


New corn fertilization research shows ways to fine-tune application timing so more nitrogen goes and stays where it needs to be—in the plant. Read & learn more!

An Outlook on Global Fertilizer Capacity Additions - Market Realist


Most major fertilizer stocks, including PotashCorp, The Mosaic Company, CF Industries, and Agrium, have underperformed both SPY and MOO year-to-date.

NFU Council responds to PM's Brexit speech


British farming underpins the country’s biggest manufacturing sector. Farming is of vital strategic importance for the country.

China Green Agriculture Participates in the 1st National Soil Fertilization Conference and Receives Black Gold Cup Award - News - ARIVA.DE


Nachricht: China Green Agriculture Participates in the 1st National Soil Fertilization Conference and Receives Black Gold Cup Award - 09.01.17 15:10

How fertiliser helped feed the world


Was turning nitrogen from the air into fertiliser one of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century?


Fertilizers Europe

The ChallengeMineral fertilizers have an essential role to play in meeting the twin challenges of feeding an increasing world population and limiting climate change...